Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Meditation of My Heart

Song of Songs 1:2   "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His Word - for Your love is better than wine."

The vastness of God's love for me is more than I can grasp in this lifetime, but since eternity will eventually become my reality, I will continue learning and experiencing His incredible love for billions of years to come. Today I keep fighting the good fight of faith, continuing to respond to the wooing of my heart with a "Yes, Lord!" - even on the days when the reality of how short of His glory I fall is most evident. 

I win each battle of temptation as I turn toward God and remember the goodness of His love and emotions (His thoughts) toward me. It is in His presence where I find all I need to be victorious in love. It is because of His love that I can trust Him, press delete on my failures, and keep on pursuing Him in wholehearted devotion. I love Him because He first loved me. 1 John 4:19

While God does see the "yes" of my heart, He is truly delighted every time I break agreement with darkness and come into agreement with Him in my thoughts, words, and actions. Every time I respond to my sin this way, I am maturing in my faith and becoming more confident in His love for me.  True repentance is simply looking inwardly with God and coming into agreement with Him over the wretched condition of my heart and making the deliberate choice to allow Him to tune my heart so that I may sing of His grace in my life.

In my position as a genuine and wholehearted lover of God, I am sincere in my pursuit to obey Him with a willing spirit. Does my sincerety measure up? Can it be seen and judged to be genuinely pure, honestly transparent, clear and unsullied? It is only possible with the help of Holy Spirit. I can welcome and trust His examination of my motives and intents without fear of being rejected by what He might find there. I can experience His correction when necessary without despair, guilt and shame. (His discipline is never His rejection of me.) It is in this process that I am renewed and transformed under the loving care of Christ. He always aims for my highest good.

God goes to great lengths to draw me back from compromise and from finding satisfaction in lesser pleasures of this world. He made me to be a wholehearted lover of God. He placed longings within me at creation that can only be filled with Him. The enemy's counterfeits will never satisfy. My victory over the enemy is victory in love as I stand rooted and grounded in the love of Jesus...even to the very end.

So, I ask the Lord to kiss me with the kisses of His Word, that He would
  • allow me to encounter His Word in the deepest and most intimate ways; 
  • reveal His emotions and affections toward me; 
  • intoxicate every one of my senses with His love; 
  • awaken and woo my heart, emotions and affections toward Him in fervant love; and 
  • exhilarate my heart to trust Him each and every day.
The more I experience the love of Jesus for me, the more I am compelled to walk in wholehearted obedience to His voice. It is my desire that the more I delight in Jesus, the more my heart will be completely free from sin's dominion and rule.

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  1. a very good reminder to my own heart, I want those 'kisses' too!!!!